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Directions to The University of Maine Department of Physics

If you are unfamiliar with our campus, take I-95 and get off at Exit 193. Go east to the fourth traffic light (the first one after crossing the river) and turn right onto College Avenue. Enter the campus at the Alfond Arena entrance. Bennett Hall is located on the opposite side of the Memorial Gymnasium (the building with the large "M" on it).

You will need to have a parking permit, which you can obtain (at no charge) at the registration table. This permit will allow you to park in the lot on the other side of the Gym from Bennett. Ample parking should be available because classes are not in session.


Department of Physics and Astronomy
College of Education and Human Development
Center for Science and Mathematics Education Research

Contact Information

Michael C. Wittmann
John R. Thompson
Department of Physics and Astronomy
5709 Bennett Hall
University of Maine
Orono ME 04401-5709
tel: Michael C. Wittmann: 207 - 581 - 1237
tel: John R. Thompson: 207 - 581 - 1030
fax: 207 - 581 - 3410