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Annual High School Physics Teachers Meeting

The annual physics high school teacher's meeting is held at the University of Maine campus in Orono every summer. Information about past meetings can be found below. If you would like more information about future meetings, please contact John Thompson.

Are you looking for the 2005 Physics Education Research Conference? The AAPT listed the link incorrectly. The correct link is


Past Meetings

2006 schedule of events and invitation

2005 Invitation, Schedule of events, and Program (352k pdf file)

2003 schedule of events

2002 schedule of events

2001 schedule of events

In 2001, Michael Wittmann channeled Phil Sadler to talk about the role of HS teaching in college physics learning. The talk is located here. (Many apologies for a formatting error on one slide that leads to some bad graphics.)

1999 schedule of events

1998 schedule of events and pictures!


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