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Workshops for Teaching Wave Physics

We have given several workshops on wave physics at the national and the regional level. Those listed below are representative of our work. Though tutorials on wave physics materials have not been given in recent years, we are are very interested in sharing our results with you on this topic.

If you would like us to give a workshop at your school, please contact Michael Wittmann.


"UMd Activity Based Physics: Tutorials in Mechanical Waves," M.C. Wittmann, Lei Bao, workshop given at AAPT Regional Meeting, Charlottesville VA (University of Virginia), November 1998.

"ABP Tutorials: Oscillations and Waves," M.C. Wittmann and E.F. Redish, workshop given at Two-Year College Introductory Physics Conference III, Joliet IL (Joliet Junior College), June, 1998.


"Tutorials in Introductory Physics: Sound Waves," M.C. Wittmann and M.S. Sabella, Regional meeting of the Chesapeake section of the AAPT, Annapolis MD (US Naval Academy), November 1997.


"Mathematical Tutorials in Introductory Physics: sample class," R.N. Steinberg, M.C. Wittmann, and E.F. Redish, The International Conference on Undergraduate Physics Education (ICUPE), College Park MD, August 1996.

"Mathematical Tutorials in Introductory Physics," R.N. Steinberg, M.C. Wittmann, and E.F. Redish, Workshop Physics Seminar, Carlisle PA (Dickinson College), June, 1996.

For more information on the research that led to these workshops and the publications associated with these workshops, please click here.


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