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June 15-19, 2009, Bar Harbor, Maine | Conference Blog



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Frequently asked questions

When was registration open for the 2009 meeting?

We opened registration in February, 2009, and closed it again in April, 2009. Thank you for your interest.

Who will be speaking in 2009? How much will it cost? What format will you use?

We expect to use the same format as in 2007 (including lobster bake and sunset cruise). There are 11 scheduled plenary speakers (see here for more information). The cost of the conference is lower than in previous years, $425, due to the generous support of the National Science Foundation.

Why can't I email my registration information, including a credit card?

UMaine Conference Services does not accept credit card information through email for security reasons.  Please fax or mail your registration.

Is there off-site housing for the conference?

If you prefer or need off-site housing, you must make those arrangements yourself.  Prices are very high compared to dormitory housing. The Edenbrook and Highbrook have the best rates...

The following hotels and motels are within walking distance of the College of the Atlantic Campus:

Find these on a map. Click here to check on general availability.

Is registration cheaper if I am staying off-site?

No. At this time, there are no discounted rates for offsite housing.

Is Friday night included in the dorm reservation?

Yes. Housing is provided from Sunday night through Saturday morning.

Can we stay in the dorms a night early/late?

Unfortunately, no. The dorms are only available from Sunday night through Saturday morning.

What size posters should we bring for the contributed poster session?

We have new poster boards available in 2009. These allow for 4' x 4' posters to be presented. We suggest slightly smaller width posters, so that you don't smash up against your neighbor's poster.

Are there vegetarian meal options?

The meals provided on campus will have vegetarian options. The lobster bake has a vegetarian option where food is not prepared around meat, fish, or lobster. Please notify us in advance.

What is there to do in the area?

If you are interested in hiking, boating, biking, or seeing Bar Harbor, look at these websites:

At least one participant in 2005 took the high-speed catamaran from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth and back for a day trip after the conference.

When are shuttle vans driving?

We will know this once people have sent us their travel information. Please mail us your travel plans by the end of May, 2009. We will schedule vans accordingly. In the past, shuttles have run from about noon to about 10 or 11 pm when the last planes arrive in Bangor.

If our schedule does not meet your needs, you can arrange your own travel by contacting Bar Harbor Shuttle. These shuttle buses run from the airport to Bar Harbor at 8 am, 11 am, 2.45 pm, 6.15 pm, and 10 pm. They run from Bar Harbor to the airport at 6.30 am, 9.15 am, 1.15 pm, 4.45 pm, and 8.30 pm. Reservations are required. (Schedule is from 2007 and subject to change).

What's the earliest we can leave on Saturday morning, June 20?

Be kind to the van drivers! We will have shuttle van rides, and will have signup sheets available during the conference. The drive from Bar Harbor to Bangor takes up to 1 1/2 hours, and you should be at the airport an hour in advance of your flight. Though planes leave Bangor International Airport starting at 5 AM, we doubt that shuttles will leave Bar Harbor at 2.30 AM (unless you really beg one of the drivers). Probably, the first van will leave to allow a 6 AM departure time. Be nice to that shuttle driver!

When are shuttles actually running on Saturday morning, June 20?

Since many needed to take the 6 or 6.20 or 6.50 flights from Bangor, our first shuttle will leave the Blair/Tyson parking lot at 4 am. Shuttle times and destinations will be organized during the conference.

I'll have a rented car. How do I drive there from here?

Regardless of where "here" is, you will have to find your way to Ellsworth, Maine.

  • From Boston, take I-95 North, take I-295 through Portland, get back on I-95 just south of Augusta, and in Bangor take I-395 to its end where it merges on US 1A on its way to Ellsworth.
  • From the scenic coastal routes (on US 1) drive straight into Ellsworth.

Once in Ellsworth, follow the Maine Route 3 and follow the signs to Bar Harbor. The College of the Atlantic is located in Bar Harbor, just past the port for the ferry to Nova Scotia.

The College of the Atlantic has more information here.

I don't like planes and don't have a car. What can I do?

For other interesting methods of travel, including ferries, click here.

There is a bus from Boston to Bar Harbor.  Vermont Bus Lines has a schedule posted here.  (Thanks, LH.)

Will this conference have a proceedings?

Answer 1: No.  To encourage open communication, presentations at this meeting are regarded as private communications from the individuals making the contributions and are not for public use.  Presenters are encouraged to voluntarily publicize their own work if they so choose. 

Answer 2: Yes.  We are pleased to have arranged to produce a set of articles for the APS Forum on Education newsletter next spring.  Working group leaders, plenary speakers, and targeted session leaders are particularly encouraged to contribute (while respecting Answer 1).

What about internet access at the conference?

We will have internet access for a laptop that you bring, but we need your MAC hardware address by June 1 in order to set it up.

To find your hardware address on a Mac, go to System Preferences, Network, Show Built-In Ethernet, and click on the ethernet tab. Similarly, for a wireless card, look under Show Airport. You should find the Ethernet ID, a 12 digit hexadecimal number similar to 00:01:45:CD:B7:3F

To find your hardware address in Windows, Click on the Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Info. Under components Select Network and adapter. There should be an item titled MAC Address containing a 12 digit hexadecimal number similar to: 00:01:45:CD:B7:3F.

Once you have these numbers, click here to mail them to Michael Wittmann.

What do people typically wear?

This is a relatively informal meeting, so shorts and sandals and comfortable dresses are common. Short sleeves are the norm, though nights can get cool if there's a strong sea wind. What Mainers consider to be normal and relatively warm June weather might strike others as slightly chilly. Check the weather before you pack.

My question isn't answered on this page. What do I do?

Contact Michael Wittmann by clicking here to send an email.

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