Foundations and Frontiers of Physics Education Research

June 15-19, 2009, Bar Harbor, Maine | Conference Blog



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Travel Information

The College of the Atlantic (COA) is on Mount Desert Island in the town of Bar Harbor, and summer traffic in August can be quite bad. We recommend that you fly into Bangor International Airport (BGR) or Bar Harbor Airport (BHB).

Ground transportation

Bangor International Airport (BGR) to the College of the Atlantic (COA):
We will schedule shuttle van rides to Bar Harbor, using 7 passenger vans. Times of these shuttle rides will be decided based on arrival information provided by participants. Since the round trip drive is roughly 3 hours, waiting times might be up to 4 hours in Bangor. Shuttle rides costs are covered in your registration fee.

If our schedule does not meet your needs, you can arrange your own travel by contacting Bar Harbor Shuttle. These shuttle buses run from the airport to Bar Harbor at 8 am, 11 am, 2.45 pm, 6.15 pm, and 10 pm. They run from Bar Harbor to the airport at 6.30 am, 9.15 am, 1.15 pm, 4.45 pm, and 8.30 pm. Reservations are required and the schedule is subject to change.

Bar Harbor Airport to the College of the Atlantic:
Note that Bar Harbor Airport is located in Trenton, about 15 miles from Bar Harbor, and you will still need ground transportation to arrive on campus. A map can be found here. Please contact us about riding on one of the BGR to COA shuttles. If there is availability, shuttles from Bangor may be able to pick you up. Otherwise, please arrange your own ground transportation by taxi or shuttle service.

Taxi and car rental

Information provided by Bangor International Airport can be found here. Local taxi drivers have said that a taxi ride to College of the Atlantic is $75. If you must take a taxi rather than our shuttle service, we recommend you share taxi costs by traveling in groups. If you rent a car, the drive is roughly 1 1/4 hours.

Other transportation

There is a bus from Boston to Bar Harbor. Vermont Bus Lines has a schedule posted here. (Thanks, LH.)

These require car rental:

  • Portland, Maine is roughly 2 1/2 hours drive away (United and JetBlue have a presence there).
  • Rockland and Augusta, Maine have small airports which occasionally have good summer flights.
  • Boston is roughly 4 1/2 hours drive away, for those considering Logan airport.
  • Manchester NH (with a Southwest hub) is roughly 4 hours away.

Some frequently asked questions:

When are shuttle vans driving?

We will know this once people have sent us their travel information. Details for contacting us and organizing shuttles will be provided in June, 2007. We will schedule vans accordingly.

What's the earliest we can leave on Saturday morning?

Be kind to the van drivers! We will have shuttle van rides, and will have signup sheets available during the conference. The drive from Bar Harbor to Bangor takes up to 1 1/2 hours, and you should be at the airport an hour in advance of your flight. Though planes leave Bangor International Airport starting at 5 AM, we doubt that shuttles will leave Bar Harbor at 2.30 AM (unless you really beg one of the drivers). In the past, first shuttles left at 4 am, allowing you to take a after about 6.15 am.

I'll have a rented car. How do I drive there from here?

Regardless of where "here" is, you will have to find your way to Ellsworth, Maine.

  • From Boston, take I-95 North, take I-295 through Portland, get back on I-95 just south of Augusta, and in Bangor take I-395 to its end where it merges on US 1A on its way to Ellsworth.
  • From the scenic coastal routes (on US 1) drive straight into Ellsworth. From there, follow signs to Bar Harbor.

Once in Ellsworth, follow the Maine Route 3 and follow the signs to Bar Harbor. The College of the Atlantic is located in Bar Harbor, just past the port for the ferry to Nova Scotia.

The College of the Atlantic has more information here.

I don't like planes and don't have a car. What can I do?

For other interesting methods of travel, including ferries, click here.

There is a bus from Boston to Bar Harbor. Vermont Bus Lines has a schedule posted here. (Thanks, LH.) .

Have questions? Check out the FAQ.

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